Amazing piece of art shows Lord of the Rings crossing with The Witcher


A spectacular piece of art shows what would happen if characters from The Witcher universe encountered characters from The Lord of the Rings.


With The witcher and The Lord of the Rings with massive fan bases, it was only a matter of time before an artist looked to bring them together. Fortunately, their Witcher and the Lord of the Rings The cross piece is amazing because it is full of interesting details and interactions.

This isn’t the first time fans have wanted to see the two properties together, as a combined montage last year. The Lord of the Rings with The witcher Netflix series. This time around, however, an artist takes inspiration from a different adaptation of Witcher. Alongside the iconic the Lord of the Rings films, they were clearly inspired by the CD Projekt Red The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. All of the characters are amazing, and fans of both franchises should have fun with the artwork.

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The piece was posted on Reddit by TheBurningSoda, but it was performed by a talented artist named Andy Aslamov. The play sees everyone hanging out inside a pub, and there are a lot of associations to be discovered. At the center of the image are Geralt of Rivia and Aragorn, the two of whom are about to have a standoff. This fun competition has left many commentators wondering who would win if the pair faced off, although most appear to be betting on Geralt due to his Witcher mutations. Viewers also feel like Aragorn would be respectful no matter what the outcome.

Across the table, Gimli can be seen interacting with Zoltan, the two dwarves laughing at the sight of their comrades facing each other. Pippin seems infatuated with Geralt, while Merry encourages Aragorn. Oddly enough, Dandelion seems to be giving the king some advice on how to beat his friend, whispering in his ear. Gandalf and Triss Merigold both keep a close eye on the battle, while Boromir appears to recreate the “you don’t just do” meme in his conversation with Yennefer.

One of the coolest things about the play is that there is stuff going on in the pub beyond this playful exchange. In the background, Ciri can be seen talking to Legolas, the couple likely impressing each other with their stories about the dimension jump and the knockdown of Oliphaunt. Olgierd and Elrond can be seen speaking in another appropriate exchange, possibly discussing their long life. Better yet, Frodo can be seen showing a Witcher locket to Sam, highlighting the connection between the two Hobbits.

With that the Lord of the Rings and Witcher fan art featuring so many characters, and the art itself being very well drawn, it would be hard for anyone not to find something to like about it. While an official crossover between the properties will likely never happen, fan content like this gives a great idea of ​​what it would be if The Lord of the Rings and The witcher the characters have met.

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