abvp: Artwork Row: Over 30 Abvp leaders detained over protest | News from Vadodara

Vadodara: More than 30 ABVP student leaders were arrested by police on Saturday for staging a protest at MS University headquarters against alleged inaction regarding ‘objectionable’ artworks allegedly on display at the Faculty of Fine Arts.
On Thursday, the Faculty of Fine Arts had witnessed protests from right-wing organizations against artwork containing press clippings of articles about rape and sexual assault on women. The cuttings were made in the form of various Hindu goddesses. Faculty officials had denied that such works of art were part of the exhibit. After the row, university officials formed a nine-member committee to investigate the matter.
On Saturday afternoon, a large number of ABVP leaders gathered at the university headquarters and launched slogans against the university’s vice-chancellor (VC) for his alleged inaction.
Protests in the form of “Ram Dhun” continued for some time. Later, some ABVP leaders broke crackers in front of the headquarters, after which the police intervened.
As cops began arresting protesting student leaders, ABVP leaders lay down in the road in front of police vans. “We are treated like terrorists. All we ask is that strict measures be taken against those responsible for attacks on religious sentiments. We demanded that instead of wasting time in committees, the university institute proceedings against the accused from the Faculty of Fine Arts. But the VC is not ready to listen to our representation. Instead, he is scared and called the police,” said ABVP activist Nishit Varia.
MSU official clerk Dr KM Chudasama said the police took the disciplinary action on their own. “We have not registered any complaint against a student or a group. We are always ready to listen to all performances,” he said.
Regarding the progress made by the panel of investigators, he said the committee is verifying all the details. “We have already asked the committee to submit its report as soon as possible,” he said.
Meanwhile, the faculty that is in the eye of the storm remained closed on Saturday as well.

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