A Times Square billboard displays 3D money

Last summer, Times Square was visited by a massive whale and graced by a cascading waterfall. These huge 3D billboards caused a stir and signaled an influx of impressive and realistic 3D advertisements.

This week, another 3D commercial, created for the release of 2 Chainz’s new album “Dope Don’t Sell Itself”, debuted, featuring a jeweled hand offering a box of $100 bills that s fly towards the viewer before the artist’s name and album title appear.

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The ad will run all week at the corner of 47th Street and Seventh Avenue, airing every two to three minutes. You can also watch it on Earthcam.

Design and production company Blunt Action is behind the ad, which is its third 3D billboard creation in New York. In November, he designed and developed rap artist Berner’s new album “Gotti”, depicting mob boss John Gotti staring down the street, then punching and breaking glass.

Blunt Action sees more and more demand for this type of design and says they are the future of advertising.

“It was a lot of fun working on these unique and eye-catching 3D billboards,” said co-founder Ethan Jakab. “We think these are quickly becoming more popular because people love a good illusion and seeing something that makes them stop and look twice.”

You may have seen the video of the super realistic 3D cat that appeared on a billboard in Tokyo, Japan.

“These immersive experiences are the future as they step outside the box of traditional billboards and open a new door of creative possibilities,” Jakab continued. “NYC has so many great digital billboard locations and we hope to see more of these immersive visuals take over.”

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