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We are resuming our activities in this edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, as VELO3D has further expanded its team and Evolve Additive Solutions has welcomed two new members of the Board of Directors. ASME announced a new venture to help accelerate digital transformation, and Branch Technology received a matching grant from the state to help propel its growth. Finally, B9Creations and Mechnano are working together on materials based on carbon nanotubes.

VELO3D is once again expanding its management team

Velo3D has hired (left) Bob Okunski as head of investor relations and (right) Steve Starner as vice president of sales for North America.

Just a few days ago, the AM leader in advanced metal VEOL3D, Inc. officially became a public company on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “VLD”, completing the process it started when it announced a PSPC merger this spring. The company has been busy filling the bridge with talented people lately, introducing three new board members last month, as well as two senior executives to its team in Europe. Now the company has hosted two additional hires to its management team. Bob Okunski, who has extensive experience with innovation technology companies and has spent over 13 years in investor relations at SunPower Corporation, joins VELO3D as senior vice president of investor relations. VELO3D also recruited Steve Starner as the new Vice President of Sales for North America, after leading customer-focused technical sales teams in several areas of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence for nearly 15 years.

“It’s very gratifying that Velo3D is able to attract such talent to our company,” said Benny Buller, Founder and CEO of VELO3D. “To best serve our clients, as well as our investors, we make a point of hiring people who inherently understand the essential role that advanced technology plays in innovation, and who can communicate both the substance. and the enthusiasm for who we are. realization here at Velo3D.

Evolve Additive Solutions welcomes two members of the Board of Directors

Evolve Solutions Additives, which created what it calls the first large-scale, production-ready manufacturing platform through its proprietary STEP (Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process) technology, has appointed two new members to its board of directors: Joe Allison and Hugh Evans, both 3d business group and bring a lot of finance experience to the table. Allison spent over 30 years in the AM industry, first as an R&D engineer for 3D Systems in the late 1980s, before founding industrial services provider Solid Concepts, where he was CEO. for 23 years. After selling it to Stratasys, he was CEO of Stratasys Direct Manufacturing for three years and is now an active advisor and investor in the AM industry just like Evans. Evans sits on the Board of Directors as an advisor for numerous industry projects and most recently served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Digitization at 3D Systems from 2013 to 2019.

“We are delighted to welcome Hugh and Joe to our Board of Directors and look forward to their leadership, ideas and contributions. We are at a crossroads in the evolution of our business and the globalization of commercial products, ”said Steve Chillscyzn, Founder and CEO of Evolve. “With the support of Hugh and Joe and a demanding tradition of excellence, we are confident that our drive to consistently push and challenge the barriers of digital manufacturing will remain a strong driving force at Evolve. “

ASME launches a new Metrix subsidiary

Recently, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (LIKE ME) announced that he was starting a new business to accelerate the transformation of digital engineering for several industries. Metrix Connect LLC, the new subsidiary, will be the exclusive relay for ASME members via the brand of media products Mechanical Engineering®, but more importantly, it will host an integrated platform of events and content for engineers and other technical professionals in digital engineering, 3D printing, energy transformation and robotics. . Metrix will provide collaboration and networking opportunities, expert content, and virtual and in-person events. Deborah Holton, Business Development and Events Expert, who was Vice President of Events and Industrial Strategy for SMBs before becoming General Manager of Industrial Events for ASME since 2018, will lead Metrix as President and bring in her team. to the new company. This means that Metrix will launch with eight established event brands, including AM Medical, Digital twins summit, and AM Tech Forum.

“ASME has a long history of connecting engineering experts and the next chapter begins with Metrix. From ASME’s first founders meeting 140 years ago until today, we’ve brought engineers together to solve real-world problems and improve the quality of life around the world, ”said Tom Costabile, Executive Director and CEO of ASME. “Engineers rely on ASME for standards, professional development and technical resources. Our industry events team already has strong connections with industry leaders. With Metrix, they will build on these relationships and focus on creating lasting immersive experiences where technological information, expert advice and resources are available to engineers around the clock to inform their purchasing decisions. technologies and strengthen trade relations.

Branch Technology Receives State Aid to Continue Growth

The facade of this TVFCU bank in the southern district of Chattanooga is fully 3D printed. Image courtesy of WTVC.

Chattanooga prefabrication and technology start-up Technology branch, which uses its large-scale construction 3D printing to fabricate large structures, raised $ 11 million in funding last year, and has now announced that it has been received a matching grant of $ 300,000 from the state of the development agency Launch Tennessee to continue to grow. This is part of the state government’s efforts to use the annual budget to boost high-growth, high-tech companies like Branch Technology, and the startup will use the funds to create a new R&D position, develop and print new polymers. for its patented Freeform. process and equip more construction robots at its 40,000 square foot Riverfront Parkway production site. Branch Technology, which works on contracts with NASA and DoD, has raised a total of $ 22 million in equity to support its growth, and hopes to double in size within a few years.

“The support we have received from Tennessee has definitely been a draw in bringing us here and has really helped the growth of our business. There is a real network of startups, a number of acceleration programs to help small businesses grow and resources from places like ORNL on the road to help us with new materials, designs and innovations, ”said architect and Branch Technology founder Platt Boyd, who moved the company from Alabama to Tennessee in 2015.

“There is a lot of waste with the materials (in conventional construction) and our process is very efficient and sustainable. We continue to improve our processes and this should create many opportunities in the future. “

B9Creations & Mechnano: Materials activated by carbon nanotubes

Finally, professional manufacturer of 3D printers B9 Creations is in partnership with a nanomaterials company Mechnano To increase its portfolio of engineering photopolymer materials, intended for production AM applications at scale. Mechnano would be the first company to use tank light curing to fabricate parts with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to improve impact, tensile and tear performance, as well as achieve static dissipation properties. Both partners are winning in this relationship, as B9Creations will bring its ultra-precise, high-throughput B9 Cores Series 3D printers to the table, and Mechnano will leverage its proprietary Mech.T technology, which disentangles and separates carbon nanotubes before dispersing them – without re-agglutination – in its nanomaterials, which can then be tailored to specific performance requirements.

“The decision to partner with Mechnano was a natural step in expanding B9Creations’ offering of production-ready additive manufacturing solutions. Mechnano’s engineering grade materials are ideally suited to the high throughput, precision and plug-and-play technology of the B9 Core Series systems to allow companies to easily move from prototyping to production, ”said Shon Anderson, CEO of B9Creations.

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