3d design planner for the perfect kitchen and bathroom

PlaceMakers’ new 3D Design Planner makes kitchen and bathroom renovations easy.

One of the most difficult parts of a new construction or remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is visualizing it. Yes, you have a picture in your head of what you want and how you want it to look – but a real picture is so much better.

Now it’s available – PlaceMakers became one of the first in Australasia to provide a full 3D design planner on its website, allowing homeowners to see what their new kitchen or bathroom looks like before work begins.

HD render from 3D design planner.  Photo / Supplied.
HD render from 3D design planner. Photo / Supplied.

The photo installation design means you can choose from inspiring room designs and drag and drop your favorite features onto your plan. You can see the cost of your cabinets as you go – and, when you’ve found something you like, you can send it to a PlaceMakers consultant for more design refinements and the final price.

Liz Aitken, project manager for interiors at PlaceMakers, said the pandemic and resulting lockdowns saw hordes of New Zealanders investing money they would otherwise have used for the holidays to beautify their home – with the renovation of the kitchen and bathroom in the foreground.

“We have seen a huge influx of people who decided to modernize their homes, just because of the traffic that we have seen in our stores,” she says. “But now there is an opportunity for people to do it from the comfort of their own homes – and have the best possible view of what the finished product will look like.

“The good thing about this software is that no matter what, like blockages, all you need is the Internet. All consultations and purchases can be made online. “

The system has safeguards to ensure that customers include the design elements required by New Zealand law, such as the distance between the hob and the hood, the spaces for the dishwasher and the refrigerator, so that users can focus on the best possible look for their budget and desires. A PlaceMakers consultant is always on hand to help with design advice and any design challenges, and can work with you to make sure the final design is complete and perfect for you.

“It lets you design kitchens and bathrooms to the size, height and shape required for a given layout and design. The 3D Design Planner is new, so people are just starting to realize it’s there and are using it to personalize their designer kitchen or bathroom, choosing from a variety of materials, finishes, styles and more. Moreover.

“You can save your project, then come back and edit it for as long as you want, creating multiple projects to try out different ideas. There are a number of online aids to guide you. “

More products and features will be added to the 3D design planner, Aitken said, “and once your dream kitchen or bathroom is complete, you can schedule a consultation with one of our experts, share your design with the branch of your choice or visit your local branch and we will help you bring your dream to life. “

Users can get high definition renderings and can easily share with friends and family, or even on a Pinterest account.

“The intention at the end of the day,” she says, “is to expand the categories of projects to include cabinets, laundries and more.

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