2021 Design Skills Competition – Malaysia

2021 Design Skills Competition

Asia Pacific University’s IMechE Student Chapters were honored to collaborate in this year’s 2021 Design Skills Competition, with IMechE Young Members Section in Malaysia and IMechE Student Chapter at Monash University in Malaysia. . The Design Skill Competition 2021 was virtually held on November 27, 2021.

The main objective of the competition was to cultivate their ability to work in a team, to use their creativity and analytical skills to invent, design and transform ideas into products built on the basis of various criteria provided, in young engineers. . And the main objective of this design skills competition is for young engineers from different universities across the country to experience, learn and cultivate their skills in 3D modeling and design, using SolidWorks as design software.

This knowledge of 3D design, especially using SolidWorks software, is a crucial tool expected and appreciated by most engineering companies and institutions, especially in today’s virtual world. With that in mind, this design skills competition, held entirely online through MS Teams, invited all IMechE affiliate students seeking a degree to use this challenge as a stepping stone to strengthen their future career in ‘engineer on a professional look while allowing them to exchange tips and tricks on how to design faster and maintain industrial standards and precision. Nine teams made up of two members from six different universities competed this year.

At the end of the development of the rules and regulations as well as the procedures of the contest to the participants, the teams received the topic of the design at the beginning of the contest. All the teams had to start by sketching the design according to the given topic by hand, that is, designing a robot that can help cultivate the land and wheat fields. The robot design had to be able to meet the requirements of the project. Once the sketches were completed, the teams were given a deadline to submit their final design and model, respectively.

2021 Design Skills Competition

The teams’ final design submissions demonstrated exceptional creativity and professionalism, in accordance with the criteria provided. On behalf of APU IMechE SC, IMechE YMS Malaysia and the MUM IMechE SC team, we would like to sincerely thank our judges, Ir. Dr Chua Yaw Long, Ts. Noor Shieela Binti Kalib, Mr. Yip Yau Kean and Mr. Teh An Liang, who volunteered to help judge this event.

The “Infinity” team representing the Asia-Pacific University of Technology and Innovation took the top spot. Their design was chosen as the winner because it demonstrated a high level of inventiveness and precision. This has helped them maintain an edge over the rest of their competition.

The University of Malaysia’s ‘Fantastic 2’ team came out on top.

The ‘Stardust Mafia’ team from Monash University Malaysia took third place.

At the end of the competition, these three teams, the champions, the first and the second finalists received cash prizes as well as e-certificates. Consolation prizes were also awarded to the winners of the 4e to 6e place. In addition, as a thank you for participating in this excellent event, all teams received e-certificates. This would not be possible without the Academic Liaison Officer of APU IMechE Student Chapter, Dr Arun Seeralan Balakrishnan, Academic Liaison Officer of MUM IMechE Student Chapter, Ir. Dr Tan Ming Kwang and last but not least IMechE YMS Malaysia Branch.

Finally, but this is important, a special “thank you” to Professor Ir. Ts. Dr Vinesh Thiruchelvam, Ir. Dr Chua Yaw Long, Assoc. Professor Kenny Tan, APU School of Engineering and Monash School of Engineering for their immense support in facilitating the event as well as leading APU and Monash.

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