10 Minor Movie Characters Who Were So Good They Should Have Gotten Bigger Roles

The most popular films have famous main characters, who have carried the plot and boosted the success of each production. Many of them are thought of at the mention of a movie title, and rightly so. But there are also many secondary characters who have been received as well as the main roles.

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Minor characters can have an equal impact on audiences and remain at the forefront of fans’ minds, due to their effectiveness in a short period of time. From Bridesmaids for Ice Agethere’s a range of smaller roles that were so good they had the potential to be bigger.




Jon looking at Megan's leg on a plane in Bridesmaids

Although there are many memorable characters who stand out in Bridesmaids, the one who’s gotten a lot more attention in recent years has to be Jon (Ben Falcone). First introduced to the airplane scene, Jon is an air marshal who tries to stay under the radar so as not to expose his job title. Unfortunately for him, there is one person who is determined to do this – Megan (played by Melissa McCarthy, who is also Falcone’s real wife).

Given their connection to real life, their scenes are extra special for fans as everyone can see their great chemistry translate to the screen as well. Jon’s serious, deadpan qualities against Megan’s more lively energy make the pair equally funny, proving their role could have been bigger (and perhaps also extended Megan’s role due to their eventual relationship) .

Mom Ronzoni

The adults

Mama Ronzoni sat in a chair in Grown Ups

The adults is a much-loved comedy, depicting the lives of adult friends, who formed a group of friends from school age. The main characters guide the storyline, but it’s not without the help of smaller roles, which add credibility to the story.

Mama Ronzoni is outspoken and brilliantly funny. The conflict she has with her daughter’s partner always makes for a light chuckle, as they play on the typical relationship of bickering in-laws. His story could easily have been bigger, know more about his life. Ebony Jo-Ann has such a flawless delivery with her character lines that there would be no complaints from a viewer to see more.


love in fact


Rowan Atkinson is a great actor with a huge career, playing the lead role in the show Mister Bean and again as a main character in spy comedy films, Johnny English. So to see him in a small role in love in fact was a humble, albeit memorable, move.

The character, Rufus, added the touch of surreal Christmas magic that tied the film together wonderfully (both in the scene where he wraps a necklace and when he later creates a diversion for Sam to go through airport security ). The scenes in which he finds himself bring a breath of fresh air that could well have played more in the film. After all, there can never be too much Christmas spirit in a movie.


Ice Age

The concept and characters of Ice Age are all truly unique, funny and admirable in their own right. The franchise offers heart-pounding stories as the animals battle the issues of this time period. But there’s a little guy, with no dialogue, that audiences love. He is, of course, Scrat.

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His narrative is usually shown independently of that of the main characters, although they sometimes intertwine. However, his individuality proves that he could have played a bigger role. The character does not depend on the main parts to make him more interesting, because his plots succeed on their own. He’s adventurous, cute and full of humor, all traits that audiences will never miss.

Liar Liar


Greta is holding a folder and looks unimpressed in Liar Liar

Liar Liar is one of Jim Carrey’s finest films, which fully allowed him to express his eccentric ability as an actor and comedian. However, it was not without the support of other small roles that the film became a success.

As secretary, Greta (Anne Haney) tries to keep Fletcher on the straight and narrow, which she does with strength and even a bit of cheek. She stands in stark contrast to Fletcher’s unfortunate truth and isn’t shy about standing up to him when he gets out of control (which makes it clear that she’s more than her role perhaps allows her to convey).

Short ride

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Short tour in Temple of Doom.

Of course the IndianaJones The film franchise is widely known for the adventures of the titular character and the enemies he faces. While the main characters spring to mind at the mention of the title, there’s always a smaller part that audiences remember and love to watch.

Short Round (Ke Huy Quan) became Indy’s sidekick, injecting some humor into the narrative, but his comedy was not to be mistaken for the traits of a weak child. The young lad filled in all the gaps left by other characters, being as brave and energetic as Jones (proving there was room for more).


Revenge of a Blonde

She is a fun and bubbly personality in Revenge of a Blonde and Paulette was a more shy presence, just waiting for Elle to work her magic and bring out the best in herself.

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The “bend and break” routine is one of the most famous parts of the film and Paulette contributes heavily to it. Her shyness is endearing to watch, especially once she begins to like the local delivery guy. The role is a great sidekick for Elle and although she became a friend of hers, Paulette could have grown more with Elle over time (which audiences wouldn’t complain about).

Amanda Waller

The Suicide Squad

The DC Universe has proven itself to be a huge hit with fans time and time again, especially from the time it started being produced in movies. Inventive storylines, unique characters, and high-quality productions all contributed to top-rated films, but the acting brought every element together.

Viola Davis took on the role of Amanda Waller, a steadfast, forward-thinking character, where her natural ability to be strong is her superpower. While she might not be the smallest character in the movies, there could definitely be more Waller, furthering her intelligence and her work. A role like this deserves more screen time, especially when a smaller role sticks in viewers’ minds as much as any leading role.


Peter Pan

An image of Michael hugging Nana in Peter Pan

Disney has many characters that have stuck with people through the generations. Peter Pan is a Disney fan favorite, with Tinkerbell and Peter leading the way.

But who could forget Nana and her gentle and loyal ways. Although she is a pet, viewers can believe that she is the Darling children’s nanny and she could have easily taken on a bigger role. It’s heartwarming to see her take care of the children and it would have been even more so to see her join her family in Never Land. While the film may have an underrated villain, Nana also deserved more time in the film.


The Lion King

As one of the best Disney animated films of the 90s, The Lion King has memorable music, lessons to learn, and engaging characters. Zazu is a smaller character who represents a stricter, more down-to-earth approach to life, compared to the carefree spirits of Timone and Pumba.

Zazu even has humor for kids, some of which is more adult-friendly and could have been a great tool for more of that aspect. His comedy is far more deadpan, letting the film’s humor speak to a wider audience. Zazu fits in so well with the rest of the cast that a bigger role would only make an already brilliant movie better.

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