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The mini loan – immediate payment in 24 hours

A mini credit, also known as microcredit or “Mini Credit” or mini credit refers to a loan where the repayment term is usually limited to short duration. Mini loans usually do not exceed credits of up to € 3,000. Due to the low loan amount, it is possible that the money will be paid immediately online. This makes mini-credit the right solution when financial bottlenecks need to be bridged quickly. With a mini-credit with digital signature, the payment is made directly to the account in 24 hours. A wait until the next salary receipt is not necessary.

Benefits of fast money borrow with a mini loan

  • Fast check and instant confirmation: payout in 24 hours
  • Easy application route – No way to the bank branch
  • 100% online – digital signature and instant confirmation / immediate payment
  • No fees, initial costs or non-transparent offers

Apply for a mini loan directly on your laptop or even from your smartphone. All relevant information is made directly online, including your bank account, on which we immediately pay off the microcredit. Your credit rating will be checked in a few seconds and you will receive immediate feedback. After successful examination, you will receive the contracts for the electronic signature . This signature is done with our partner IDnow. Once you have signed the contracts, we will immediately arrange for the immediate payment of your mini-credit.

Mini credit needed – it can happen so quickly

Image result for mini loanYou may know this situation. Out of nowhere, your car will be damaged and the cost of repair will soon be four digits. What can they do? You need the car on a daily basis and the cost of repair exceeds your budget in one fell swoop. The solution: a mini loan from Bank. With our mini-credit, you get the much-needed financial leeway to complete smaller investments or to bridge the gap to next paycheck. To help you as soon as possible, apply for the mini loan online in minutes. The mini loan is thus similar to the instant loan .

Mini loan: Borrowing money from home

At Bank you do not finance a bank but private individuals who lend you money for the mini-loan. Bank will automatically search for suitable investors who will lend you their money. This greatly reduces the time to payout as investors have already pledged to lend money. In return, these individuals receive their interest and principal payments.

What are the requirements for a mini loan with immediate payment ?

  • German residence and German bank account
  • Fixed income from employment, pension or pension
  • Valid identification document for identification
  • Smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC for online graduation

This is how the mini loan works through Bank

What is the cost of a mini loan at Bank?

At Bank, the mini loan is free of charge and has no up-front fees. Bank will only receive a commission if the loan is successful. In addition, you can repay your loan at predetermined times free of charge. Of course, a repayment at any time against a prepayment penalty according to §502 BGB at any other time possible. An overview of the cost of the mini-credit can be found here:

Condition calculation & credit check FREE
Loan offer & contract FREE
Digital signature FREE
Early repayment (per quarter) FREE
payment reminder FREE
Reminder costs (in case of default, per reminder) 7,50 €

Mini loan without Bank – mini loan despite Bank

Your loan request will involve a variety of review criteria. In addition to your self-disclosure, a neutral condition request is also made at the Bank. This request will not affect your Bank score and will not be seen by other financial partners when they retrieve your Bank score. After reviewing various information, your details and your account, we will immediately determine your mini loan rate and provide you with instant feedback. Through rapid review and the involvement of various partners, we enable you to apply for a mini-loan despite Bank, as there are a variety of factors involved in the credit check.

Chance Low Interest Environment –
Private mini-loans cheap and easy as never before

Extract from the interest rate statistics of the Deutsche Bundesbank

The current low-interest-rate environment is putting a stop to lenders: no chance of yield, especially on overnight and fixed-term accounts. On the other hand, it is quite different with borrowers like you. Historically favorable interest rates allow you to borrow at unprecedented conditions. So can currently be saved by loans and small loans cash money. Loans, whether online credit , home loan, or mini-credit, were rarely as cheap as they are today. Simple and fast online processes also make it possible to do without a bank as far as possible. Benefit now from low interest rates and get a cheap online mini loan!

  • Cheap & flexible
  • Fast processing
  • Without documents
  • immediate confirmation


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